Members of our team are deep in the trenches of festival production and support, graphic design and branding, in-house event planning and execution, business development and processing, media and public relations, and creative problem-­solving. We’re an ever‐evolving team and we are constantly on the lookout for the next perfect team member.

We developed our Lifeship Program to be more than a traditional internship — the crew that has come before you has been given the opportunity to take ideas and run with them, learning along the way and becoming well-versed in the technique of ‘failing forward.’ We want to empower each team member to learn, change, and do.

Are you ready to take it to the next level?

The beauty of Lifeship is its flexibility — we want to work with you to give you the best possible experience, to fit the needs of your program requirements and to equip you with the skills necessary to build your own brand. We don’t want you to want to leave, but we know that when you do, you’ll be ready for anything life throws at you.

Requirements for all Lifeship Program applicants:

– A distinct sense for self-empowerment
– An encouraging, team-player attitude
– A vested interest in learning about everything that goes in to a business
– An overarching ability to problem-solve creatively
– A sense of excitement and enthusiasm
– An ability to ‘fail forward’ or make mistakes to learn and grow
– Currently enrolled in an accredited university, school or trade program that requires an internship for graduation.

Currently seeking Lifeship Program applicants for summer, fall or winter semesters or yearlong immersions.

• Exposure – expose a brand to your networks both physically and digitally.
• Advertising – presenting sponsors can include logos in all event print & web advertising, reaching myriads new potential customers with the message “we care.” Gobo projection options and more!
• Connections – discover a vast creative network for future collaboration and creative partnerships
• Join the Fun – have the time of your life with free tickets to the events – great for staff moral & motivation!


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